Mr. José Eduardo Santoro, a civil engineer, graduated in 1979 from Pontífica Universidade Católica of Campinas, has been working since then in the civil construction sector. He has a wide experience in big projects starting with the infrastructure services till finishing tasks. In 1984, he founded the company Santoro Construção Civil e Comércio Ltda, which has had several big projects in the market varying between Logistics, industrial, commercial areas, Condos and business centers.

We are always trying to meet the market demands and looking forward to modernizing and adopting new technologies.

“To carry out a real estate development, a good idea is not enough but all that needs a lot of professionalism and love for what we do.

Bearing this philosophy in mind, we have been growing fast with a lot of responsibility. Santoro has grown a lot with safety and determination, and this has become the company credo since the beginning. By elaborating projects, technical feasibility studies, schedules, completed construction works such as foundation, structures, and installations, Santoro is definitely consolidated in the market as a company which knows how to do the best for its customers:

“Building with responsibility and obtaining the customer trust and credibility”

Therefore, Santoro is consolidated in the market as a Construction Company with several project and wide experience in this segment.